England: Christmas Week 2006
with Jimmy, Grandma, and Aunt Penny

Houses of Parliament, in the fog that stranded other travelers

Dressed up for Christmas at Canterbury Cathedral



Caroling in Trafalger Square

Caroling in Trafalger Square


Christmas Tea at the hotel with the Good Christmas Crackers

Christmas Day in Dover, with the Bad Christmas Cracker Hat



Top of the City at Saint Paul's (378 steps up, 378 down)

Teeny Jimmy on Boxing Day at Warwick Castle



Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Teeny Jimmy at The Victoria Monument, Buckingham Palace

Two Fools in Stratford-upon-Avon

Pear Ginger Cheesecake, Variation 1

Breast of Corn Fed, and Pear Ginger Cheesecake Variation 2

Treasures at the Hard Rock Vault



Kurt Cobain's guitar and sunglasses

Jimi Hendrix's guitar

Bob Dylan's Hat


Canterbury, Dover, Oxford, and Greenwich

Warwick, Stratford

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