Warwick and Stratford

Warwick Castle, on the River Avon in Warwickshire

Warwick Castle from the entrance path

Warwick Castle Exterior



Caesar's Tower, Gatehouse and Barbican

Guy's Tower and Wall Walk


View from the Gatehouse

Great Hall and State Rooms (first built 14th century)



The Mound (Oldest part of the castle, first built 1068)

Caesar Tower and Private Apartments


The Mill and Engine House, from the River Avon

The Mill and Engine House, from the Castle

Views from

the Mound



Warwick Castle




Warwick Castle set for Christmas Dinner

Dinner Menu



The Great Hall at Warwick Castle

Weekend Party recreation at Warwick Castle




The Fool Statue
The fool thinks he is wise,
but the wiseman knows he is a fool!

Shakespeare's birthplace (16th Century)

Shakespeare's birthplace (Rear Entrance)

Stone at the Church of the Holy Trinity Church, Stratford, where Shekespeare is buried (previous trip)

 "Henry Harding, who was Vicar"

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