Reno, NV

My doctor said, "here's a cortisone shot for your knee, stay off of it for a week." So I took a train to Sacramento, hit an ice storm in Nebraska, and got off in Reno instead. Turned out to be a wonderful idea.

Reno's casino district -- not much bigger than this...

Nevada Museum of Art




Nevada Museum of Art

Nevada Museum of Art


Virginia City, NV and Scenes of the Mountains

Saint Mary in the Mountains

Rose window, with quilting motif

Decorated for Christmas


Fourth Ward School, 1876 

The Comstock Lode

View of the Sierra Nevadas

Views of the Truckee Meadows



Obligatory shot of the traveler in scenery

Carson City, NV

The State Seal

Capitol Complex

Nevada State Capitol Building

Capitol Building with its "silver" cupola, 1871 (now the dome is fiberglass)

State Assembly Chamber, with The Nevada Lincoln Portrait

Original Legislative Chamber

Kit Carson

Monument to fallen law enforcement officers

Adolph Sutro digging his four-mile tunnel to drain the Comstock mines


Frieze celebrating the products of Nevada, including the 21 minerals mined in the state

Sarah Winnemucca (1844?-1891),  one of the most influential Native Americans in US history

Commerative quilt


Nevada Legislative Building

Nevada State Archives

St. Charles Hotel

Governer's Mansion in Christmas finery


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