Ships and Boats

Ferry, San Francisco, CA 

Cabral's Wharf, Provincetown, MA

Constitution Marina, Charlestown, MA




HMS Surprise (Master and Commander), San Diego

San Diego Harbor, CA

Aircraft Carrier, San Diego, CA




Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA

Liberty Clipper, Boston Harbor, MA

USS Constitution, Charlestown, MA







Yacht Haven, Boston Harbor

Casco Bay, ME 

Fort Gorges in Casco Bay, ME

Schooner Quinnipiac, New Haven, CT

Aircraft Carrier Intrepid, New York City, NY

Chinese Junk, Stamford, CT

Sailboats, Westport, CT

Amistad, Navy Pier, Chicago and New Haven, CT

Port of Olympia, WA

Peaks Island, ME

Cruise Ship, Portland, ME

Water Taxi, Portland, ME

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