Database Setup


Identifier Data   Campaign Stage
Company Number   List Generated
Source   Sent
Company   Failed
First Name   Delivered
Last Name   Opened
Contact   Registered
Title   Hard Copy sent
Department   Referral sent
Phone   Re-mailed
Fax   Registration Data
Salutation   Currently Evaluating Contract Services
ID/Status   Currently Evaluating Production Services
Address 1   Time Frame
Address 2   Budget Stage
Address 3   Lead Quality Attribute (A, B, C)
State   Sales Stage
ZIP   Called in (Customer)
Country   Called Out (Sales)
E-mail   Sent Collateral
Category   Sales Call Scheduled
  Sales Call Made
Business Qualifiers   Results of Call
Date of first Contract  
Date of last Contract   Contract Process
Recurring or One-Time   Contract Name
Average Contracts per year   Contract Stage
Ave $ Contracts per year   Date of Contract (Est or act)
Customer Quality Attribute (Color)   Amount of Contract
  Term of Contract
  Contract Quality Attribute (Color)